Do you still have questions about the Sani-rent toilet and shower units?
In case of renting mobile toilet and shower amenities, you may still have questions about the possibilities and the infrastructure of your location. Below you can find a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions and the corresponding answers. For additional questions please feel free to contact us so we can plan a non-committal site visit and give you adequate advice.


  • 1. What needs to be done at the time of delivery and retrieval of the toilet and shower amenities?


    At the time of delivery of the mobile toilet and shower units, the client himself or a delegated authorized person needs to be present on site. In accordance with the technician, the rental sanitation amenities will be installed according to the contract and subsequently transferred to the lessee. In retrieving the equipment, Sani-rent makes an inventory of the state in which the mobile toilets and showers are taken back. On this basis, additional costs are invoiced (if relevant).

  • 2. How are rental toilet units and shower units delivered?


    The mobile sanitation wagons are placed with four-wheel drive vehicles (4WD). The toilet and shower units are supplied on a trailer and can be lifted off by truck or crane, depending on the situation. Depending on the arrangements, the Sani-rent technician installs the toilet and/or shower, makes sure it is level and connects it to the existing utilities and (if available) tent structures.

  • 3. How should the toilet and shower amenities be connected?


     A product file is available for each type of toilet and shower. On this specification sheet you can see how the rental product needs to be connected to the water supply, the sewage system and electricity. You can find the product files on our website. A clean, drinkable water point is mandatory for the prevention of contamination and damage/malfunction to the water utilities. At the time of your application it is important to mention the required length of water pipes and drainage in meters.

  • 4. What requirements does the location need to meet for the placement of the toilet and shower amenities?


    The location needs to be suitable for the placement of the sanitation design of your choice. Standard, the site needs to be suitable for vehicles with an axle load of 3000 kg and a free width of 3 meters without bends or obstacles. By reading the product files you can determine the dimensions according to your situation. In case of questions we suggest to visit you on site beforehand to avoid problems and additional waiting hours on placement (at an additional cost).

  • 5. What if there is no water supply or sewage system present at the location?


    For all our toilet and shower units, supply of drinkable water and sewage disposal is necessary. By creating temporary facilities at an additional cost, Sani-rent can place mobile sanitation at any desired location. Think of potable water tanks, septic filters, sewage draining pumps with pressure lines and accumulation of sewage in holding tanks.

  • 6. Can the rented toilet and shower units or wagons be connected to a tent?


    All mobile toilet and shower amenities of Sani-rent can be connected to a tent. At an additional fee, Sani-rent can create a perfect connection with canvas and steps. Ask our staff for details of tents and their dimensions at the time of quotation. Important preconditions are the materials and the height of wall and floor relative to the ground.

  • 7. Is a permit needed for the placement of sanitation wagons or units?


    Authorization/permission is indeed required for placement of our mobile sanitation solutions on public roads or in public areas. You must contact the relevant public authority/municipality for the application of a permit. In case of privately owned on-site placement of our rental toilet and douche amenities, you are sometimes allowed to use available sewage facilities without specific authorization. We advise to always check with local authorities.

  • 8. Who will keep the toilets clean during the event?


    During the event, the hired amenities must be fully maintained by the lessee. It also includes cleaning the mobile toilets and showers and keeping them functional, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the contract. Upon request Sani-rent can take care of this for you by offering a toilet cleaning service, including a toilet attendant (male/female) and all necessary toilet attributes, hygienic towels and detergents.

  • 9. What should I do in an event of a blockage?


    Upon request by telephone, Sani-rent can restore blockages and perform troubleshooting regarding the rented toilet and shower amenities. Travel expenses will be post-calculated and charged to the lessee on the basis of actual costs. The toilet and shower facilities must be fully maintained by the lessee during the event. This also includes cleaning the mobile toilets and showers and keeping them functional, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the contract.

  • 10. What if the rented toilet and shower amenities are not clean after rental?


    You can always choose to return the mobile toilet and shower amenities unclean. This implies that an additional cleaning fee will be charged according to the price in the rental agreement. This also applies when disturbances or damage has been inflicted to the rental installation by the visitors of your event.

  • 11. What if damage has been done to the mobile toilets and showers?


    Damage to and abstraction from the leased sanitation units must immediately be reported to Sani-rent and the actual costs will be post-calculated and charged to the lessee. For this, check our general terms and conditions.

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