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TE-2 VIP Design toilet unit

Luxurious design, spacious and complete

TE-2 VIP design toilet unit

When leaving nothing to chance and planning an event to the last detail, you cannot go without this luxurious and modern toilet unit TE-2 VIP.

After all, you want your guests to be giving you generous compliments for bringing your event together in the best possible way. For this you are in need of a design toilet unit which meets all the requirements and demands for a high level of comfort. With the type TE-2 VIP toilet of Sani-rent you can rest 100% assured of that! It provides you with a spacious and top of the bill toilet amenity which can service a large number of visitors in a short period of time. The design of this type of toilet is modern style with application of high-quality materials. The stylized toilet unit TE-2 VIP is equipped with brand new design faucets on the sinks. Other striking characteristics are decorative woodprints and imitation plants. In order to fully indulge your guests, you can optionally pamper them additionally by offering them soft guest towels. They are worth it!

VIP-toilet TE-2 Sani-rent


Luxurious design, spacious and complete

For ladies: Three luxurious toilet cabins with wall toilet, stainless steel toilet paper dispenser and sanitary bin, one luxury hand wash basin integrated in a stylish vanity with design faucets, 2 large mirrors, a stainless steel electrical hand dryer and a universal stainless steel paper towel and soap dispenser.

For gentlemen: One luxurious toilet cabin with a wall toilet, a stainless steel toilet paper dispenser and sanitary bin, 3 partitioned urinals all with hands free sensor operated flushers, one luxury hand wash basin integrated in a stylish vanity with design faucets and a large mirror, a stainless steel electrical hand dryer, a universal stainless steel paper towel and soap dispenser.

Technical specifications TE-2 VIP


specificaties van TE-2 toiletwagen

Length: 630 cm

Width: 250 cm

Height: 310 cm

Chassis: four-cycle trailer with turntable

Shutters: aluminum

Stairs: adjustable in height, 2 x 90 cm wide, non-skid

Electricity: CE connection 220 V/ 16 Amp. or CE 380 V/ 32 Amp. for lighting and electrical hand drying systems

Drinkable water: 3/4″ or GK connection, pressure 2-10Bar

Sewage disposal: 500 cm flexible hose Ø 110 cm

Floor: non-skid colorstep

Walls: decorative HPL finish

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Client testimonials

Professionalism in placement and logistics for our event.

Organisation Dutch Open

Sani-Rent, spot on service and high-end equipment for our green room areas.

Organisation MTV EMA

Das Gelbe vom Ei in den Sanitärbereich.

Organisation CHIO Aachen

Frequently Asked Questions

What needs to be done at the time of delivery and retrieval of the toilet amenities?

At the time of delivery of the mobile toilet units, the client himself or a delegated authorized person needs to be present on site. In accordance with the technician, the rental sanitation amenities will be installed according to the contract and subsequently transferred to the lessee. In retrieving the equipment, Sani-rent makes an inventory of the state in which the mobile toilets and showers are taken back. On this basis, additional costs are invoiced (if relevant).

How are rental toiletunits and toiletwagons delivered?

The mobile sanitation wagons are placed with four-wheel drive vehicles (4WD). The toilet units are supplied on a trailer and can be lifted off by truck or crane, depending on the situation. Depending on the arrangements, the Sani-rent technician installs the toilet, makes sure it is level and connects it to the existing utilities and (if available) tent structures.

How should the toilet amenities be connected?

A product file is available for each type of toilet. On this specification sheet you can see how the rental product needs to be connected to the water supply, the sewage system and electricity. You can find the product files on our website. A clean, drinkable water point is mandatory for the prevention of contamination and damage/malfunction to the water utilities. At the time of your application it is important to mention the required length of water pipes and drainage in meters.

What requirements does the location need to meet for the placement of the toilet amenities?

The location needs to be suitable for the placement of the sanitation design of your choice. Standard, the site needs to be suitable for vehicles with an axle load of 3000 kg and a free width of 3 meters without bends or obstacles. By reading the product files you can determine the dimensions according to your situation. In case of questions we suggest to visit you on site beforehand to avoid problems and additional waiting hours on placement (at an additional cost).

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