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Terms and conditions Sani-rent

Terms and conditions of Sani-rent, established and holding office in Oirschot. As registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Eindhoven. The hereafter following Terms and conditions are applicable to each agreement between Sani-rent and the Client. No variations to the Terms and conditions shall be binding unless otherwise confirmed in writing by Sani-rent to the Client.


a. All quotations of Sani-rent in any form whatsoever, are non-committal.
b. Each quotation is based on current prices and applicable laws.
c. If price increases should arise, for example as a result of an increase in manufacturer’s prices, then Sani-rent reserves the right to calculate the price difference to the Client.
d. In the event of exceeding the delivery period, Sani-rent shall not be deemed liable towards the Client for compensation of any damage whatsoever, suffered as a result of that obligation.
e. Data provided by Sani-rent in printed or digital form are subject to change without prior notice, so that Sani-rent is never bound.
f. Unless indicated otherwise, all prices are excluding VAT/turnover tax.

Article 2: PAYMENTS
a. Payment by Client should take place no later than 30 days after the invoice date.
b. Debt offset is not allowed unless otherwise expressly agreed.
c. By exceeding the payment period Sani-rent is entitled to increase the amount to be paid by the Client with 2% interest per month.
d. If, after summation, the Client remains in default of payment, Sani-rent is also entitled to increase the due amount with debit costs, legal costs and other collection costs, including the costs of a lawyer, altogether at least 15% of the principal amount with a minimum of € 50,-.

a. The rental agreement shall begin on the day of delivery of the leased equipment, ending the day on which the goods are fully returned to Sani-rent.
b. By rule the rental fee will be invoiced once a month, unless agreed otherwise.

a. Transport of the rented property to the place of destination and back to the warehouse of Sani-rent after termination of the rental period, shall be at the expense of the Client.
b. Costs for installation and dismantling will be at the expense of the Client.

a. If, by placement of the rental products of Sani-rent, any public road or public accommodation is used during the rental period, the Client is required to obtain permission from the relevant public authorities or municipality.
b. The rented property must be used in accordance with the destination.
c. The Client declares that by accepting the rented property, to have received this in good condition, to maintain the state in which accepted and thus to return it in the same good condition at the end of the rental period.
d. The costs of maintenance and repair, regardless in which respect caused or by whom, are chargeable to the Client in full.
e. All charges and taxes levied or to be levied in respect of the rented property, are charged to the Client.
f. Total or partial transfer of use to a third party, whether it be for benefit or non-benefit, is prohibited unless Sani-rent gives their express, written consent.
g. The Client may not relocate or transport the rented property beyond the agreed event location, without prior notification to Sani-rent.
h. The Client is expressly prohibited to attach any materials or objects to the rented property.
i. At all times during the rental period Sani-rent reserves the right to execute an equipment check or to order an equipment check to be executed by a third party.

a. In the case of Force Majeure Sani-rent has the right of choice to extend or cancel the agreement free of any obligation to compensate the Client for the duration of the Force Majeur, as far as not yet implemented and without being bound to one of these cases.
b. Under Force Majeure shall be understood, any circumstantiality independent of Sani-rents wishes, which temporarily or permanently prevents fulfilment of the agreement between Sani-rent and the Client.

Article 7: LIABILITY
a. Sani-rent is in no way liable towards the Client and/or third parties for defects in goods hired.
b. Sani-rent is therefore never obliged to reimburse economic damage, damage to life, property or any as such caused to the client and/or third parties by the rented goods, irrespective of the cause.
c. Agreements or contracts with subordinate members of the Sani-rent staff do not bind Sani-rent, unless confirmed in writing by Sani-rent.
d. The Client is always liable for any damage arising from use of the rented property on public roads or public accommodations, in any given manner.
e. The Client is always liable for damage to and/or theft of the rented property.
f. During the rental period, all risks for damage to the rented property belong to the Client, except for storm or fire damage. Sani-rent is never liable for any visible or invisible, concealed or unconcealed defects.

Article 8: SEIZURE
a. The Client must notify Sani-rent immediately in the event of  a sequestration on Clients movable or immovable properties or a part thereof and of its bankruptcy, suspension of payments, etc., and is furthermore obliged to inform the sequestrating bailiff, the curator or administrator about the existing lease-holding relationship.

a. If, during the course of the rental period for whatever reason, the rented property is lost, the Client will be charged the insured value of the rented property at that time.
b. In the event of theft of the rented property, the Client must immediately make an official declaration to the competent authorities.

a. Dutch law is applicable to all transactions.
b. All disputes which may arise between Sani-rent and the Client, will be settled by the competent court in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What needs to be done at the time of delivery and retrieval of the toilet amenities?

At the time of delivery of the mobile toilet units, the client himself or a delegated authorized person needs to be present on site. In accordance with the technician, the rental sanitation amenities will be installed according to the contract and subsequently transferred to the lessee. In retrieving the equipment, Sani-rent makes an inventory of the state in which the mobile toilets and showers are taken back. On this basis, additional costs are invoiced (if relevant).

How are rental toiletunits and toiletwagons delivered?

The mobile sanitation wagons are placed with four-wheel drive vehicles (4WD). The toilet units are supplied on a trailer and can be lifted off by truck or crane, depending on the situation. Depending on the arrangements, the Sani-rent technician installs the toilet, makes sure it is level and connects it to the existing utilities and (if available) tent structures.

How should the toilet amenities be connected?

A product file is available for each type of toilet. On this specification sheet you can see how the rental product needs to be connected to the water supply, the sewage system and electricity. You can find the product files on our website. A clean, drinkable water point is mandatory for the prevention of contamination and damage/malfunction to the water utilities. At the time of your application it is important to mention the required length of water pipes and drainage in meters.

What requirements does the location need to meet for the placement of the toilet amenities?

The location needs to be suitable for the placement of the sanitation design of your choice. Standard, the site needs to be suitable for vehicles with an axle load of 3000 kg and a free width of 3 meters without bends or obstacles. By reading the product files you can determine the dimensions according to your situation. In case of questions we suggest to visit you on site beforehand to avoid problems and additional waiting hours on placement (at an additional cost).

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